Friday, December 2, 2011

Funny Christmas Poems | I Miss My Funny Christmas Poems.

| Friday, December 2, 2011 |

We’re about to welcoming the Christmas Eve of 2012, and now the Christmas atmosphere has come really really near, that sometimes we think that we can touch it by our bare hand.

We can see lots of Christmas thing on the street now: the beautiful socks for children to receive the present from Santa Claus, the red-and-green thing bought as the decoration, the Christmas tree walks along the avenue on two people foot, the Christmas carol from the shop on two sides of the road and the postcard contain the meaningful wish and hope flying from this person to that person.

I wonder if anybody here wants to receive a Christmas postcard with a short Christmas poem on it. What an unfortunate to a person that haven’t read through a funny Christmas poem, because the poem itself helps make the Christmas season brighter, cheerier, and of course, merrier.

I remember the first time I hold a piece of paper that written Christmas poems on my hand. It contains all the joy in the Christmas vacation, like the warmth of the fireplace, the happiness of family reunion at Christmas Eve. The Christmas is coming nearby, hope that you and your family and have a happy Christmas vacation, with peace and harmony. Merry Christmas!


chritmas poetry 3

Santa comes on Christmas Eve
Seeking those who yet believe
Through a frosty winter night
In a sleigh with reindeer flight
Bringing joy to large and small
Merry Christmas one and all.

Christmas Eve

chritmas poetry 43

On window panes, the icy frost
Leaves feathered patters, crissed and crossed,
But in our house the Christmas tree
Is decorated festively

With tiny dots of colored light
That cozy up this winter night.
Christmas songs, familiar, slow,
Play softly on the radio,

Pops and hisses from the fire
Whistle with the bells and choir.
Tomorrow's what I'm waiting for,
But I can wait a little more

Christmas Greetings ~ by Helen Steiner Rice

chritmas poetry 5

At Christmas time our hearts reach out to friends we think of dearly,
And checking through our friendship lists, as all of us do yearly,
We stop awhile to reminiscence and pleasantly review,
Special talks, happy times and things we used to do.
And though we've been to busy to keep in touch all year,
We send a Christmas greeting at this season of good cheer.
So Christmas is a lovely link between old years and new,
That keeps the fond of friendship forever unbroken and true.