Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Find some laughter for your beloved in Christmas Holiday

| Tuesday, December 6, 2011 |

Looking for the best poems about Christmas and send it to your friends and your family to make Christmas become more special day.

How can people forget a special poem read in special day like Christmas? You should be a men bring the fun and beautiful poem to your friend and your family in Christmas. Make Marry Christmas become the best memory that people cannot forget by your own poem.

One time a year, Christmas coming with many changes. Today, Christmas is somehow understood as the day which people send to their friends and their family many beautiful and luxurious gifts. But Christmas is completely not the time for such kind of gifts. Money and expensive gifts are not everything the receivers want. The value of Christmas can’t be scaled by money. In that period of the year, God send to human one gift, and it’s exactly the special time when people come back to their home, sit together, tell their own stories about the thing that they see and know in the previous year, and read poem of wish and love to each other. It is a gift that comes from each heart, and it is based on thousands years of tradition that mark the holiday season, and cannot be easily changed in the matter of days and nights.

poems of christmas

"Twas the Night before Christmas" by Clement Clarke Moore traditionally is read to children on Christmas Eve. Christmas is a very special day with children but beside a gift, the Christmas wishes they need love and care from their parents, reading poetry make it possible. Go find or read some short beautiful Christmas poems for your babies.

The first Christmas poem "Nativity" written by John Donne who was born in 1572 and the most famous poet is Henry Wadsworth Longfellow with two of his Christmas poems called "Christmas Bells" and "The Three Kings" two more Christmas poets is G. K. Chesterton and Hans Christian Anderson.

Beside an expensive gift you send to your boyfriend, you can write a short poem about Christmas. You can attach these poems with the Christmas card or the gift that you are going to send him. Imagine that your love be showed to your boyfriend by 4 lines of your favorite poems, how romantic it is and indeed he will be happy. Let make this Christmas become the most special holiday of your boyfriend, let express your feelings for him through Christmas poems.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year everyone!!